Mercury SRS programming

  • hello Richard

    first of all please excuse my very limited English I translate with Google :)

    I want to use my Mercury SRS for a J10 Carf.

    the concern is as follows, I use the SETUP ASSISTANT.

    I set it to Delta + vt (for the J10)

    for flight modes:

    for FM1 is ATT STD

    for FM2 ATT ALL


    I think for a J10 is correct ??

    I am exits as indicated in the notice page 11

    I follow the instructions to the letter until the end.

    when we check the direction of the gyro there is always an inverted function (example rudder on the right the vector on the left) so I correct all as requested by the setup assistant.

    once the procedure is finished the commands are inverted again and the gyro is no longer active on any axis ??? even if I increase the gain to 100%

    I think I have to do a wrong operation but I do not know which one?

    when I look in gyro setting nothing is correctly set but in the manual it is indicated that the SETUP ASSISTANT care of all?

    Thanks for your help

    I have another question, when I assign the channel for the gear and I switch the screen of the box becomes black loses it is normal?:/

    my box is new in version v7

    at the same time if you have the basic parameters for the J10 I am a taker

    Best regards


  • Hello,

    if you use the Delta+VT option, there is no function on the vector in FM1 and FM2. Only in FM3 the vector works.

    If you want to make more flexible settings, you have to use only "Delta" Option. Then you can make the vector mixing to any flightmode as you want in the transmitter.

    Switching the sequencer will show you: "Sequencer in progress" Blank screen: I have no idea how this should be. Maybe you can make a short video.

  • hello Richard

    for the black screen I think I found.

    I used the Gear switch function which activates the secquencer, but as I do not use the screen is very fast to give progress.

    I think I should in this case use the DIRECT 5 function as my GEAR is on channel 5

    however, you did not answer my main question

    on the Gyro that is no longer active once the SETUP ASSISTANT finished ??

    and that the direction of travel is reversed again

    example rudder right rudder left (in FM3 of course; o))

    yet langement has been done when checking the meaning in the SETUP ASSISTANT

    I understand that the VECTOR only works in FM3 but in my configuration the Gyro must be active on all three modes.




    maybe this configuration is not good?

  • Hello,

    once you finish "Setup Assistant" there is of course no gyro function. You need to go into the "Testfly Assistant" and adjust the gain. You can make the "Testfly Assistant" on the ground several times to see how it works.

    Once you are good with that- fly the plane and adjust the gain in the air. When you have the gain values adjusted in the air, you can make the gyro settings manually like you have written in your post.

    I cannot imagine that gyro direction changes when you go out of the Setup Assistant... how should that go?

  • hello Richard

    I'm sorry but after several tries I still can not make my mercury work properly

    I describe the different steps

    1 I have all reinitiated

    2 general settings

    3TX-system S-BUS

    Framerate 18ms

    Battery lipo

    reg.out 5.9v


    SET ORIENTATION Up or down


    set aircraft type: DELTA + VT

    assigned outputs like the DELTA VT manual

    4 flight mode switch detected CH9 (swc 3P on a T18MZ)

    5 gain channel detected CH10 (LD)

    6 flight mode configuration

    FM1 ATT. STD

    FM2 ATT. ALL

    FM3 Vector Thrust

    7 move delta a (fins) ok ch1

    8 move delta b + vt elevator ok ch2

    9 move rudder to + VT RUDDER ok ch4

    10 move throttle ok ch3

    11 set gyro diretion

    delta A reverse

    normal B delta

    VT elevator reverse

    12 set gyro diretion

    rudder A normal

    VT rudder reverse

    at that moment all of them work properly sense of deflection and compensation Gyro



    Gain set to 0 as requested

    the screen shows Have Fun

    and now the sense of deflection of the vector is reversed when I pull on the depth of the flaps mounted and the vector decend and in FM2 and FM1 no gyro even at 100% gain

    I do not know what I'm doing wrong? and do not see any solution currently

    could you detail me the procedure for an installation on a J10 or if I can have a interlocutor who speaks French I could more easily explain

    Thanks for your help


  • Hi Richard,

    Richard, can I use more than 3 flight modes with the Mercury? I am using a Spektrum DX18.

    I would like yo use FM1: no gyro, FM2 Rate mode, FM3 ATT Assist, FM4 ATT assist all, FM5 Torque roll

    Is it possible?

    Was my set up in my Spektrum Gyro.


    Walter Rosa

  • Mp unfortunately you only have 3 flight modes available via the Mercury

  • Yes- there are only 3 flightmodes... the question is how to use 5?

    With a workarround you can make more, but you need 3 empty channels. Then you can set with this 3 channels (Aileron, Elevator, Rudder) the gain and heading on/off with the travel from this channels.

    Some mixing may be necessary and it´s will become complex.