PowerBUS Servo Short-circuit protection

  • Hello Richard,

    I would like to request more information related to the PowerBUS servo short-circuit protection. I would like to know how it works in more detail. I'm trying to determine what happens after the adapter notices there is a short.

    Does it look for a certain number of amps? If so, figures?

    Does it turn the port back on?

    Does this only work on a servo port or does it also work on the adapter OUT port? For example, if there are two adapters connected together out port to in port, and there is a problem with the second adapter, will the first adapter disable the out port to protect the servo connections on the first adapter?

    Any documentation or details you could provide would be appreciated.


  • Hello Steve,

    Yes- there are fuses built in for each output. It´s shuting down at about 7-8A. Once the current goes down it turns on again.

    The adaptor "Daisy chain" output of course is not fused, the servos in the second adapter needs the same power than the first. As the outputs of the second adapter are fused as well- no problem.

  • Hi Richard,

    Thank you, this helps. The reason for my question is I need to find a place to pull power for electron retracts. I'm thinking of pulling it from the output of the last adapter in the daisy chain. It would be very convenient as I would eliminate a battery and the adapter is right next to the gear controller in the fuselage.

    There is very little draw, only a few amps when it is cycling or if the brakes are applied, and consumption is only about 200-500 mAh in a day of flying.

    Have you heard of anyone else doing this?

    Is this recommended or not recommended?

    I checked polarity and I've tested, it works pretty well. I simply used a PB PBUS jumper by clipping the signal wire.

    LMK your thoughts/advice.