Powerbox Royal SRS wiring with Jet telemetry and GPS sensor placement

  • Good morning.

    I have the Royal SRS installed in my A-10 but silly me I forgot to install the wires for the telemetry and GPS before I screwed it down and attached all the other wires....

    I am unsure as to polarity of the telemetry and gps wires.

    Is the signal wire on the top or the bottom. I am assuming that positive is in the middle.

    Also I see no markings on the gps unit as to polarity. Is there clarification as to how the wires attach?

    Also how does the GPS antenna need to be orientated? Does it need to be in clear air? Could it be mounted under the clear canopy?

    Thank you.

    Hopefully I will be ready for the maiden this spring. Right now we are frozen out until April or May......