Connecting to Spektrum AR9210 Evolution

  • Hello, I have just got my igyro and was wondering what's the correct way to connect it up to the Spektrum /Powerbox AR9210 Evolution on DSM2.........could anyone help, perhaps even with a diagram please?

  • Hello,

    the Spektrum AR 9210 is one of two PowerBoxes which doesn´t fit very good to the iGyro- I´m sorry. What you can do is: take the Power from the PowerBox. Connect 2 or 3 satellite receivers to the iGyro and connect your Aileron, Elevator and Rudder to the iGyro. All other functions are connected to the AR9210.

  • Thank you for the reply Richard. OK,......just to confirm..........,

    1) Do I use the supplied flyleads to power my igyro by plugging them into ANY 2 available AR9210 spare servo socket?

    2) The AR9210 has 3 satellites as standard,........ do I add another 2 satellites to the igyro making a total of 5 in the airframe...............OR......... do I remove 2 satellites from the AR9210 Powerbox itself and plug them into the igyro......keeping a total of 3 satellites in the airframe please?

    3) If taking power for the igyro through the flyleads, no need for the igyro sensor switch?

  • Hello,

    1) Yes use the 2-pole wires from any free servo socket to the BUS1 and BUS2 of the iGyro
    2) The iGyro needs at least 2 satellites, the AR9220 needs at least 3 satellites
    3) The iGyro switch is only for programming the iGyro. No switch function.