PowerBox Champion SRS servo output isolation

  • Hello,

    no PowerBox has this. The problem is: nobody knows what servo type is connected. A big fuse will not go out if a small servo is connected. And there are servos (40-60kg) on the market which will be fused out by the fuses available on market. Also it´s a big effort to check the fuses for the PWM adapters: There is a 10% failure rate in this parts. Another reason is: this fuses are very big in size; The PowerBox would be much bigger if there are fuses for all 24 outputs.

  • So then, how does the PowerBus PWM adapter know what is connected to it, or is it only designed to recognize hard short circuits? What I am really trying to protect against is rapidly depleting batteries due to a jammed sailplane gear retract mechanism.

    It sounds like even the PWM adapter would not function in this manner?