Vectoriel control for Rookie

  • Hi

    So I have configured all for the delta and rudder

    This use the output Elevator A, Aileron A and Rudder

    For the vectoriel I would like to affect Elevator B (that seems to work) to vectoriel and AileronB output to control the vectoriel 2nd servo that should be linked to the Rudder because I don't see any output for Rudder 2 to control the vectoriel servo (rudder).

    Just an info I have already all installed in my plane and don't have s-bus servos so how could I manage this?

    Perhaps you have a typical setup for a plane like last rev Rookie from Carf

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hello,

    you cannot use the Aile-B for the rudder. It´s a physical different gyro direction. In thios case you don´t have rudder vector. You need the rudder output for the vector. The iGyro has a second rudder output, but only if you use the Bus output for S.BUS or PowerBox

  • Hi Richard

    Thanks for the response

    Is there a possibility to have Sbus output and normal ?

    The idea in background is that I don't want to change all my existing installation If I have just to add an extra part that would be fine

    Mfg Nicolas