Power box royal

  • Hello Mister Richard, I’m a Swiss pilot and I have a problem with an Powerbox royal with the gyro system. I made the calibration for determinated the position of the box with sucess on the screnn, but after I try the gyro and I have the elevator work same to the aileron. I try with the other position of the box and it’s the same think, my version of my box is16.9. I hope you have an solution for me, beacause this model is for the Top Gun at Lakeland in April. Thanks for your answer, excuse me for my bad english. Best Regards. Rey

  • Thanks for your answer, yes I made the installation with the set up assistant and at the end of sequence the message of detection box is ok. The choice of the wing is normal. I have two aileron and two servos of the elevator and one for the ruder. I don’t anderstend why I have the problem. I have an other plane with a box Mercury and I don’t have the problem, I do the same operation with the Royal and doesen’t work, always the elevator work same to aileron?????

  • For testing all the function with the gyro, it's mandatory to connect the wing on the box or it's possible to test without the wing, my problem is without connect the wing, but to calibrated it's more easy without the wing. Thanks