Powerbox Sensor

  • Hello,

    the problem is that the voltage regulation to 5.9V makes heat. The more servos you are using- the more heat. The LiPo voltage is 8.4V at max. and must be reduced to 5.9V

    The PowerBox Sensor has only a small heat sink. In peak current up to 15A is no problem, but over long time 5A it will get too hot. For example the Gemini has a bigger heat sink.

    If you let me knwo what jet it is, and what size - I can give you a recommendation.

  • Hi,

    It’s a Navy cat v3. ( Servos... ELE x2, AIL x2, RUD x2, FLAPS x2, STEERING GEAR x1 ) 9 servos in total. Has electric retracts, strobe lights. Using all 12 channels on Spektrum AR12310T(POWER SAFE RX). Plan to use Life battery for the RX. All ser is are HV, but happy to use with Life x2 with AR12310T RX

    I just wanted an On/Off switch like the PowerBox Sensor. What do you recommend?


  • Hello,

    ok, with LiFe and 7.4V, no problem - then you can use the PowerBox Sensor. Take the version with 7.4V (6321). Then you have a double electronic switch with battery voltage monitor.

    If you want to use the power out of the receiver for the gear and lights, better use the Gemini.

  • Thanks for that. After checking the Gear and brakes, they will have their own 2s Lipo. I plan to buy powerbox sensor 7.4v after your input.

    The RX manual says “ Up to 35 amps continuous and 50 amps peak current handling capability”. Just to clarify the spektrum AR12310T RX has two input leads. How do I physically connect it. And will the sensor handle that above Amps rating.


  • Hello,

    the Sensor will not be able to handle this power, but enough for a Jet. To be honest, there are better options if you want a electronic switch and battery backer - all in one... have a look to this:

    - Competition SRS

    - Mercury SRS

    Both only needs satellites and you are done... Mercury has a iGyro also inside.