• Hi Richard,

    I need your help please. I just got the Royal and want to set it up to my new F-16. Suggestions please so that the gyro can drive both the elevator and the flaps as ailerons. So basically to have flaperons and elevons. Is that possible?

    Do I need to set up the Royal as delta and how to set the flaps and the elevators? Delta Mixer x 2 is still applicable?

    Royal SRS firmware V17.9.

    Thanks, Tassos

  • OK thanks, I programmed it with simple Delta --> GY-Aileron A for left stabilizer and and GY-Elevator A for right stabilizer.

    Works great and looking forward to see the results in flight.

    Richard, what is the difference between BOOST and GYRO SENSE x4?

    Thanks, Tassos

  • Hello,

    yes- if you want to have Aileron/Flaps and Aileron/Elevator, you can do that with Deltax2 option.

    But usually the F16´s are done only with Aileron/Elevator Delta. Flaps and Ailerons without gyro.

    Can you explain how the Delta x2 option works I have the same plane and I want to setup it so that both flaps and tail work like ailerons. Please supply step by step instructions