• I set up my nose door on the sequencer and then I decided I should re do it using the Setup Assistant.

    When I go to the Setup Assistant it asks me to flip the switch that will control the door which I do and the arrow jumps from up to down and vice versa. The problem is that I can't get it to go to ok I can get out of that screen. I tried pushing the buttons on the switch on off switch that I normally use.

    Second question:

    To setup just one nose gear door would I do just Task 1 only for up and down. I would want to leave the nose gear door down when the gear is down and bring it up after the nose gear comes up.



  • Hello,

    check in your transmitter the channels - Futaba? Look special to the DG1 or DG2 outputs. There must be a second function output moving with this switch

    Second: Just select "MODE 1". Jump over the menues to setup the unused doors, then only gear and front door will be used in the output mapping

  • Yes Futaba. Having a problem now. The door is closing to fast when I put the gear up. It is closing before the gear has a chance to come up. I have tried adding time but it doesn’t appear to do anything. Do I need to add some more tasks. In Expert menu the setup assistant didn’t assign a servo number.