Slight drift in servo signal with Mercury SRS

  • Dear Richard,


    Mercury SRS software V8

    Jeti ds16 TX

    REX9 on primary

    Rex3 on secondary

    Evrythings works as expected, however:

    Ch6 on tx is assigned to 2 position switch

    Reading the output on Channel 6 in tx, 1000, 2000 ms

    Reading the output of Channel 6 in REX9, 1000, 2000 ms

    reading the ouput of mapped output c (mapped DIRECT); 1041, 2062 ms

    Is this normal ?

    I am planning to install the unit on a plane that is properly trimmed and I know the exact values that my servos should be receiving. I

    f this "shift" is normal, I can adjust end travels TX to match the desired values?

    Best George