• Richard,

    I am using:

    Jeti DS16

    RX9 on Primary (UDI)

    RX3 on Secondary (UDI)

    Mercury Srs V8

    I experienced a Lockout today after maybe 20 minutes of bench testing with telemetry!

    I turned the MercurySRS off, and when trying to turn on again, it would not connect to the TX.

    I don't remember where I read in a forum of a similar situation but they mentioned it was related to the telemetry.

    As soon as I disconnect the Telemetry to EX cable, it immediately fixed the problem.

    I also read to always use an additional power cable from any servo output to the rx units, which I did. Is this necessary? there are no servos attached to the rx outputs

    I have not been able to reproduce the problem anymore but of course, I am concerned.

    Is this a known issue? if so, is there a workaround? Telemetry is certainly a must for safety reasons




  • Hello,

    your receivers must be setup with this parameters: Einstellen Jeti R-Sat2 / UDI 16 für SRS Produkte

    Try to disconnect the receivers 1 and 2 versa. Servos must work with only one receiver without any interrupts.

    You don´t need to power the receivers seperate, where did you read that?

    For the PowerBox you have to set the telemetry in the receiver to "Jeti BOX" telemetry.