Updating from V07 to V08

  • Hi

    I don't have internet in my workshop and so I have to download new updates from PB/Software. Using this route I updated from V06 to V07 with no difficulty because the downloaded file was a .PBS. I have tried various ways of downloading V08 but it always comes as a .HTML. i.e. if I open PB-Mercury-V08 in PB/Software and then try to download that, it arrives as PB_Mercury_V08.pbs but is in fact an HTML file - see picture:

    When Terminal requests the update file, it only sees .PBS files and so cannot see the HTML file. As a consequence I am unable to update. This is also true for Royal SRS V018. Again, updating to V017 was simple but now V018 downloads as a .HTML and cannot be seen by Terminal.

    Two questions: 1- can you think of any reason why I might be having this problem and 2 - would it be possible to provide a simple 'download' button that will send the right file format?

    Thanks for any thought


  • Hi Alexander,

    Thanks for the fast reply!

    I am downloading from the link you gave but I don't understand your second point. I have previously been successful in downloading .PBS files from the link you give but now I only get .html. I have changed no settings at my end (win 10). Could you elaborate a little further please?



  • Hello Bob,

    I don’t think that you downloaded html files, but as your screenshot, i see that your pc links .pbs files with your internet explorer. The link I posted should help you to fix it. This is not a problem of PowerBox Terminal, because PowerBox Terminal downloads a Data Stream and saves this Data Stream as .pbs file. This behavior cannot be changed from the user.