Teleconverter Bluecom Ios

  • Hi

    Teleconverter .. updated to V5.0 no problem. Connects to iPad OK with Bluecom.

    Using Bluecom went to Teleconverter to switch from "Current" to Powerbox mode as per manual.

    Could not see where to switch.

    Downloaded latest Teleconverter manual from PB website.

    Still says to switch between current and Powerbox.

    All I see are two switches one for all Futaba and one for T18, 14Sg etc.

    Do I simply turn both these to off to get into Powerbox mode to be able to use full telemetry. ?

    I am using Futaba T16SZ Tx

    Powerbox Mercury

    Powerbox GPS2

    Powerbox Teleconverter.

    All new so still working it out.