PB professional power supply and servos

  • Hi, I bought a new PB professional from online PB shop and i have some questions for my configuration.

    I'd like to use two 2s LIFE instead 2s LIPO and my servos are n.6 standard digital at 6v (the model is an aerobatics 60cc for IMAC flight).

    So, my questions are:

    1. with 6v servos, is better 2s LIFE battery for dissipation optimization? or is it the same with 2s lipo?

    2. If 2s LIFE is a good choice...is the power consumption good for three, four flight? or a LIPO with nominal 8,4v is better?

    3. with MZ18 HOTT system, is it possible to use the tx SUMO servo function to connect only one cable to the receiver from PB?

    4. if answer 3. is negative. With two servos for aileron and two for elevator, is it more efficient to connect both one channel (ch2 aileron and ch3 elevator) from rx and split channels with PB by servo matching function or not?

    thanks a lot for your answers ;)


  • Hello,

    1+2) if you run the plane with 6V servos, it doesn´t matter if you fly with LiPo or LiFe. LiPo has more loss in the PowerBox due to voltage regulation, LiFe has not so much capacity with same size. So it´s your choice.

    3. The Professional has no serial input. Only SRS PowerBoxes have this

    4. If you have 4 Aileron servos, you have one channel for each wing. The two servos on each surface are matched in the Powerbox. I recommend 2 channels for the elevators as you should have enough channels free.

  • Thanks for your reply!

    about ailerons, I have one servo for right ail and one servo for left ail.

    So i can use one channel in rx and split right and left servos by pb, right?

    thanks again for your availability ;)