Gyro Issues - Delta Wing

  • Hello Guys,

    I have a Mercury SRS with Futaba RX. Servos are JR NX8931 all surfaces in a CARF Eurosport.

    All systems are working just fine, however Gyro sensitivity is causing me grief.

    Using the setup wizard, i set Gyro to 40% on the floor, not in flight. It was far too much, getting violent wag.

    Since then, and many many flights i have got the Gyro value to 3% and only there is it even flyable with Gyro on, however it is still no good. Still gets aileron wag.

    After each adjustment, i do the full gyro wizard again, servos to full extension etc. Plane flys ok without gyro but certainly would fly better with working gyro.

    Not a big fan of using a dial midflight to set the gains, but I have tried 40 / 35 / 30 / 20 / 15 / 10 / 3% overall gain.

    Something seems wrong, i have used Royal with no issues in past, very easy and quick good results.

    Gyro is mounted in the nose far from Turbine.

    Gyro is only on the Elevons and Rudder, not cannards.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Please Help!!!!

  • Hello,

    with 3 % the Gyro will not work- of course.

    Did you make the setup on the ground with the assistant? Maybe you are in the wrong flight mode if you have done it manually?

    Most pilot have a helper who does the dial job. The pilot is concentrated on flying.

  • Richard,

    Lastnight i ugpraded and factory reset and reconfigured.

    In the next few weeks when i get a chance i will try again and video it for you.

    I also checked if i was having that turbine noise issue that some have been having, i don't believe i am effected by it.

  • Richard,

    I fixed the issue by following these steps.

    1. Realised I was plugged into sbus2 ports.

    2. Factory reset power box

    3. Changed frame rate to the lowest setting

    4. Ran setup assistant

    5. Set gyro gain while in air using dial

    Gyro working well at approx 35% gain.