Igyro 3e, gain change when flying

  • To find the max gain i got the plan not to fly whit gain knob or slider because max gain is different for any axes.

    So i youse the bluetooth adapter to change gain for each axes till i got max gain for full speed flying at all axes.

    But question: does anyone keep flying whit a gain slider/knob?

    Because manual says if you got max gain set the max gain on a switch and thats it.

    Nice to have set the max gain.

    But max gain is then only set for max speed.

    If you will fly very slow you could have a higher gain.

    Whit a guardian 2d/3d gyro from eagletree lot of people set gain for all axes at a way all axes will oscillate and then set it just below that.

    Then you fly the guardian. When you fly hard you set gain slider to low and when fly slow you set gain level high.

    Then the gyro also works max at low speed.

    But how i read it whit the igyro 3d most people just setmax gain for fullspeed and thats gain for all speeds?

    Then you dont get the max out your gyro or im wrong?

    Or some keep flying whit a slider?

    Igyro 3e now can also can fly whit a axtra module gps speed sensor.

    So mebe thats the way?

  • Hello,

    in most cases adjusting all axis together is a good and simple option for most planes and pilot. Once you found the point where one axis oscillates, you can go with Bluecom and make fine tuning to the other axis.

    Speed: You can connect a GPSII module for automatic speed compensation. Another way is to set a mixer for example from flap or gear: once flap or gear is down, you increase the gain for the gyro.

    I don´t know people using a gain slider after the gyro is adjusted.

  • Another way is to set a mixer for example from flap or gear: once flap or gear is down, you increase the gain for the gyro.

    Someone know how to set up on @ 18sz?

    I get the mixer but i set gain for gyro whit the bluetooth, how i can set:

    Gain level 1 for normal and normal heading hold (hh) flying.

    Gain level 2 for slow flying and slow heading hold flying.

    It willmean i got 4 different gain levels.

    Normal los gain

    Normal hh

    Much gain for slow flying

    Much gain slow flying hh

  • Alternatively buy the GPS II and it will regulate the gain according to speed for you. Otherwise you will have a complex set up, which will be prone to errors and will decrease your flying pleasure. The GPS speed control doesn't make mistakes when properly set up - which is easy - and just works.

    The only disadvantage of the 3e compared to the iGyro SRS, Mercury, and Royal is that the gyro can only have two different active settings.

  • Other question i call question 2.

    Only dont get that you first must fly gyrogain on slider or knob.

    And then set that gain value to a switch?

    Knob go’s from -100 to +100.

    Lets say + is normal flying.

    Lets say i fly the gyro and at full speed in normal fly mode so in + and knob is around 60% to have no osciolation.

    If i now change the knob to a switch does the gyro in normal flying remeber is whas 60%?

    Because if its back to 100% whats the point to set a switch after flying whit knob or slider.


    Question 3:

    If i buy gps ll.

    Can i set maximum speed gain also whit the bluetooth?

    So i find max gain for each axis, its best way to get really the max gain out off it.

    Lets say normal flight gain is 40%.

    What does the gps 2 then in flight?

    Every 10 kmh less speed 5% extra gain something like that?

    So the gps 2 overrule the bluetooth setting at slow flight?

  • The GPS adjusted gain is what makes the iGyro 3e and other Powerbox gyros far better than others and certainly the EagleTree Guardian. The latter is best for small electric aeroplanes in my view. The Eagle Tree is very sensitive to engine vibration and never gives the aeroplane a natural feel.

    The idea of the slider for gain with the 3e/GPS is to for set up during test flights. You will need to fly with gain slider in the centre position i.e. zero gain and then move it up or down to find the maximum without oscillations in a number of flight conditions. You need to find this maximum value for each of the up or down slider positions. So once you have a the setting for the up position you'll probably need to land to find out what that channel 'throw' has been set to - you can see this on the Tx servo dislay. Then repeat for the down position. Once done, you have a fixed setting that you can set up on a three position switch by setting channel end points - gyro off (centre channel outpout at 0), up/down fixed gain (rate mode), up/down (heading hold on one or more channels). You could use a two position switch but you will be unable to turn the gyro off - I don't recommend this until you have full confidence in its set up

    What settings the switch or slider positions do depends on the how the 3e is set up - and this is configured using the Bluecom or PC via USB device.

    I'm sure Richard will explain the other fine tuning with PC or Bluecom better than me - it can be a bit complex but the defaults help.

    As I understand it the GPS reduces the gain from the set value as the speed increases - i.e. set gain is applied at zero or low speed and it reduces as speed increases according to the scale set by the airspeed factor and the maximum recorded speed.

    Why not take a look at this videoiGyro set Up - Martin Pickering

  • Okee to be shure:

    1. So I fly the plane, set max gain in air at full speed in different manouveres.

    2. But to see how much gain it is you have to watch the servo trows on transmitter when landed?

    Lets say servo trow normal flight =60 and after hh flight mode is 65 and i youse channel 5 for the gain.

    3. Then i set knob/slider to 3 channel switch and set values on 60 and 65 for hh.

    Oke thats clear.


    I also got the bluetooth device.....

    If i want to find max gain for each channel?

    Why i want that? Some planes have one axes that go fast osciolation when rest of axes can have more gain.

    I do the thing above whit bluetooth (gain?%.) setting at 100%.

    But the slider/knob is at 60 gain.

    Now i set bluetooth gain lower for the axes that gives the osciolation.

    if right i now can set the gain that whas 60 some higher till next axes gos osciolation.

    Will only not work if all axes gets same time osciolation.

    Is that the best way to fine tune?

    Other question:

    Why is in hh mode the rudder set to normal flight? Thought i could not in hh mode but whit the bluetooth adapter rudder can also be in hh?

    Why is stock hh setting for rudder not hh but normal flight?

  • Today i thit fly the igro 3e whit a gpsll installed.

    First thit set max gain gor each axis alone in hh and evry axis in normal flight.

    Thit wright all values down and at the end putted al values in whit bluetooth.

    And thit set it to a switch.


    Only max gain in low speed could be higher i think, even whit the gpsll installed.


    Because how know gpsll works good?

    Gpsll is in misc port.

    It gets solid green and if i pull gpsll out gain gets less or more.

    But however i dont youse hh for prop hanging and so i thit test it, prophangin in hh wont stay in, even max gain valus in air are installed.

    And gpsll should make higher gain on slow flight.


    Why hh on rudder dont work?

    Now i know why hh is stock turned of in hh.

    I thit try whit hh on, gyro turned rudder to one side really hard.

    3. Conclusion for first day for my experience whit eagle tree guardian and bavarian cortex.

    Very Good gyro on fast speeds.

    Slow i think gain whas not high enough.

    Even max gain values set.

    Mebe set the gain extra high for normal or hh.

    And youse the extra high for slow flight?

    But then tou could not youse that mode in fast flying.

    Well, have to test more, only expected that the gpsll made more gain than i feeled today in the air at slow speed.

    3d plane, ail 37%, elev 50%, rudder i could only get 15% out.

    Possible to set gpsll higher for slow flights?

  • So higher airspeed set = less gain on high speed but more at low speed?

    But my gain at high speed is ok, mebe can lower but not nessecery.

    And what if i fly whit highest airspeed setting.

    Set gain again at high speed to the max.

    Then i got max high speed gain and max low speed gain?

    Or does that not work like that?

    How does it works?

    Question is:

    1. does it give more gain on low and

    less on high OR


    You have to set new max gain whit the new higher air speed setting and at low speed just makes it higher.

    Do i have to set max gain again whit new airspeed setting