MERCURY Telemetry with JETI REX receivers

  • Hi

    I'm just bought a MERCURY SRS + gyro BOX for my TUCANO turboprop aircraft (2m80)

    All radio settings are working fine, but I do not have any telemetry from the box.

    My settings are as follow:
    - Transmitter: JETI DS16 / software 4.27LUA update
    - Receivers: REX7 and REX10 / software V1.10 update
    -MERCURY: last on line update V8

    Exits E1 of each receivers are set to UDI16, and connected to RX1/RX2 of the box.
    The transmitter is set to dual path, and the power box to JETI-UDI. All servos and settings are working.

    EXT of each receivers are set to JETIBOX/SENSOR and the TELE output of the box is connected to one of these EXT input. No telemetry is available on the tranmitter in the sensor menu (with each of the EXT inputs on REX7 or REX10).
    In order to check the settings, I've connected a JETI MUI75 sensor to the EXT input of the receiver and I get telemetry from this sensor.

    Did I forget to set something in my setting?

    Thank you very much

    Christophe HERKELMANN

  • Hello,

    Please make following:

    - Turn on transmitter and go into the sensor scan screen. Start a new scan.

    - Turn on the PowerBox

    - The sensors should now come up

    Actually we have no known issues with the telemetry in the Mercury... sometimes Jeti is changing Baudrate of the telemetry input of their receivers which causes problems. Do you know from what date the 1.10 version is? Seems they want to kick out 3rd party companies with that...

  • OK thanks. Both TX and RX are concerned by this update. RX updates are only for REX receivers.

    RSAT and R.. receivers are not concerned by this new release.

    Let me know as soon as possible if you have the same issue. I need to buy another box for a new big airplane and of course I will choose a powerbox if the other one works fine !

    Thanks again for you help.


  • Hello Christophe,

    if this Problem is a Jeti Baud Rate issue please try the following test.

    If you have a Jeti Expander EX2 or EX4 on hand put the Expander in between the PowerBox Mecury telemetry output and the REX Receiver telemetry input.

    Look if something changes.



  • Hello together,

    just checked the following Jeti setups with PB Mercury.


    DC24 Ver.4.27

    REX-7 Ver. 1.10

    Mercury Version 07 and 08

    Mercury telemetry connected to EXT Port at REX-7 set as JETIBOX/SENSOR

    Telemetrie is working! No Problem!! Sensor list has recognized the PB Mercury


    DC24 Ver.4.27 in dual HF mode

    2x REX-3 Ver. 1.03

    Mercury Version 08

    JJXC-EX Ver 1.2 turbine ECU data converter

    Mercury telemetry connected to EXT Port at REX-7 set as JETIBOX/SENSOR

    Telemetrie is working! No Problem!! Sensor list has recognized the PB Mercury and JJXC-EX.



  • Hello

    Thank you very much Dirk for these tests.

    I don't have any expander (EX2/EX4) so I didn't test.

    I've tried again and checked my settings. Still no telemetry. We also tried with another DS16 (this one with VER 4.27-without LUA) and another REX6/REX7 setting. It also doesn't work. I hope there is not an issue with the french (FR) receivers.

    Another test also: 2 REX7 and my DS16 (with a new model program and with previous updates on boths RX and TX). Everything works but no telemetry.

    What can I do ? For sure the TELE plug on the unit works as I've already done updates. I've also checked the wire and the plugs.



  • Hello Richard

    A new test has been perform today. And I think we've found the problem.

    I was testing the setup on a testbench with a laboratory DC supply. Both inputs were set to 6.4V whereas the powerbox was set to "LIPO voltage".

    As I tried to increase the voltage up to 7.4V all powerbox sensors suddenly appeared on my TX screen. I've tired again and it seems that the problem was just a question of voltage: If I then set the voltage down to 6.4V it keeps working. And if I reset everything (both TX, RX and powerbox) the setup does not work below 6.5V...

    I was also just wondering if I was receiving all TELE data from the box. Should I receive information from the gyros ? Could you give me the full list of what I must have (just in order to check)?

    Thanks again for the quality of your support team. I will order another box for my new jet !

    On your website you mention that your box are working with "JETI RSAT2". You could modify this and add: "JETI UDI (RSAT2, REX receivers, R receivers)"