Output Mapping for X-plus channels with DX-20 transmitter

  • This probably isn't a Powerbox problem, but a lack of my programming knowledge, not sure. The system summary is this, DX-20 transmitter, Competition SRS Powerbox. In the DX-20 transmitter I have selected X-plus as active and mode as DSMX in the Frame Rate menu. I have set the X+1 input to switch A on the X-Plus Input Config menu. No channels have been remapped on the Channel Input Config menu. When I look at the transmitter output monitor for the X-plus channels, it shows the X+1 channel operating correctly by switch A. In my Powerbox, I have selected DSMX 18K as the receiver setting and successfully bound the satellite receivers to the transmitter. All Powerbox output slots mapped to channels 1-12 operate correctly from the transmitter inputs (switches, sticks, etc). Any Powerbox output slots mapped to channels 13-18 have no movement. Are the X-plus channels able to be used with the Competition Powerbox? I think so, but I must be doing something wrong. Any ideas?

  • Hello,

    I´m actually not sure if the X-Plus from the DX-20 is the same as from the DX-18... With the DX-18 it works fine, unfortunately I don´t have a DX-20 here for testing.

    I will try to get one the next days.

    How many X-Plus channels can you activate in that menue?

  • Richard,

    I discovered some interesting data for this problem. It came from when I was setting up a DX-20 with a Spektrum powersafe 20 channel receiver. When the X-plus channels are invoked with that receiver, channel 13 and 14 do not have any output and the first X-plus channel X+1 is actually mapped to the slot 15 output, X+2 is mapped to the slot 16 output, etc. This is interesting, because what this results in is the DX-20 really only having 18 channels of output when used with the Spektrum 20 channel powersafe receiver. This experience spawned a thought in my mind of trying to see if the X+1 channel would respond to the channel 15 output of the Powerbox, and in fact this is exactly what happens. So, with the Competition SRS Powerbox and the DX-20 combination, the X+1 channel requires mapping it to the number 15 output, the X+2 channel has to be mapped to the number 16 output, the X+3 channel has to be mapped to the number 17 output and the X+4 channel has to be mapped to the number 18 output. So the Competition SRS combined with the DX-20 results in 16 possible channels.

    What is also interesting is that this is NOT the case with the DX-18. When a DX-18 transmitter is used with the Competition SRS Powerbox, the X+1 channel responds to the number 13 output, the X+2 channel responds to the number 14 output, etc. So the DX-18 does have full 18 channel capability.



  • I seem to have the same problem with the DX20 and the Mercury SRS. I can’t get anything above channel 12 to be recognized by the PB. When you say X+1 has to be mapped to output 15 is that on the power box side or the TX side?