PowerBox Professional Xbus JR?

  • I have the non srs

    But is the last version of professional. On the side say xbus telemetry

    Jr use xbus

    I like to knows if is posible to use xbus or telemetry. If is not posible use xbus maybe can I use the telemetry?


  • hello richard

    i have a quetion hopefully relating to this chat

    im setting up a proffesional in my predator 1.8m jet ,im setting up the flaps to work together as they are ment too ,, but at the top of the control surface both servos are matched

    when i move the flap switch to the take of position the 2 flaps move at differant speeds and stop in differant positions when the flaps are extended fully they both stop in the same place as they are ment too ,, when retracting the flaps they both move back to their inflight position at differant speeds ,,

    ive swapped out both servos and replaced them but with the same result !!! im using hitec D645MW DIGITAL HV servos on the flaps only and spektrum A5060 on ailerons and elevator t

    ive setup my tx for the flap setting as stated then done the intialisation a few times and still the same result ,i have NO servo speed selected in my TX but both servos still move at differant speeds and stopp in differant

    positions to the first flap setting

    after a few hours of trying i keep getting the same result

  • Hi Richard

    I`m new to the powerbox Champion SRS, I boght one from you 2 weeks ago.

    How do I connect JR Dmss receiver to the Champion ? I have one RG812BX and and one 812BX extended receiver.

    do I only connect the satellite to Powerbox ?