Futaba Bad Data

  • Hi. I am using this with the 18mz and a cockpit srs (v25).

    The radio is updated and the teleconverter.

    No matter what i do i get bad data. Ie 120 volts readings 15000mah. Ect

    I have reloaded the sensors and tried 2 teleconverters. The one was working fine on my champion.

    This is an older cockpit it does not have telemetry market on the top.

    Any suggestions.


  • Hi yes I set the Futaba telemetry option in the pb.

    The sensor registered fine. It registered as power box.

    I chose the 18mz option in the teleconverter

    It is also odd that it is filling the gps data fields. There is no gps option on the pb.

  • Hello,

    first: we cannot change the GPS fields: It´s fix added to the PowerBox sensor by Futaba.

    I would recpommend: Set the Teleconverter to F1678 Sensor, You will find it on the slot 8- no registering necessary, just select this sensor from the list in the transmitter.

    We sometimes have problems with sensor registeriung, but wrong values is new - we didn´t change something, so I have no idea what the problem is!