Mercury SRS and Airbrake Mixing

  • Can you use the airbrake mixing function of the Futaba 18SZ when using the Mercury?

    When setting the airbrake function any offsets you set for the rudder or elevator operate as expected when you turn on the airbrake, however aileron offsets have no effect.

    My plane has 2 servos per aileron and I am using the Servo Matching and Gyro features of the Mercury. I had thought it may not work in FM 2 or 3 due to the Gyro BUT in FM1 when the gyro is not activated I had thought the airbrake function would operate as normal.

    Any advice would be appreciated

  • Hello,

    you can use such mixing - you just must know that the Gyro gain will be reduced in this case, as the gyro is fading out the gain with travel.

    You can compensate it: Once you set the airbrakes, change the flight mode from the gyro as well. This flightmode has much higher gain values on this surfaces.