• Hi Guys,

    sorry for dropping in the conversation but I had a similar question: when exactly do you trim your plane?

    If I follow the manual to the letter, I'll have to complete the iGyro setup by flying the model with the Gyro activated (from the take-off) at 0% gain and set to FM2 (ATT. ASSTN). I guess the gyro will not do anything because the gain is initially set to 0%. Then it will take over as I increase the gain until the oscillations begin, then I'll dial it back until the oscillations stop (at any given speed) and that gain setting will be saved by switching the FM to any other FM.

    What are the suggested flight modes for the maiden flight? I was thinking:

    FM1 = OFF

    FM2 = RATE

    FM3 = ATT. ASSTN.

    If this is the case, shall I start the flight assistant in FM3?

    Will this be the first flight or shall I first fly the model without the Gyro, trim it, land it and then complete the iGyro setup by flying it with the flight assistant activated?

    Sorry for the many questions but I'm confused (I guess you can tell).

    Thank you,


  • Hello,

    you trim the model before you make the testflight assistant. Then you turn off and on the model to take over the trims.

    It doesn’t matter how you setup the flightmode - in the testflight assistant there is always the attitude assist on for aileron and elevator, off for the rudder. Once you are done with the assistant the flightmode settings are as you set them up before.

    Better to make a new thread next time!