Safety device on each chanel ?

  • I have doubt... do there is any safety device on each chanel to prevent over amperange or short cut of one servo ?

    I saw on french forum an almost glider crash due to powerbox which didn t protect the electrical installation from servo failure

    I bought a powerbox to save my plane if there is servo failure

    But finally, if each chanel is not protected of a servo failure, I mistook my purchase :(

  • Hello,

    fusing every output seperate is not possible - the PowerBox will be double size. From an electronic view also not really possible: We would need to know what servo type is connected, stall current and average current and some other parameters.

    As there are so much different servos on market, this cannot be the solution. Our solution is that the PowerBox is able to withstand a short circuits of a servo or it´s wire. The other servos are still working. In the most cases this happens telemtry is warning and of course you will feel all other servos runing slower. We have a lot of feedback of pilots telling us that the PowerBox saved their model!

  • Dear Richard,

    Many thanks for your quick answer

    I am so desapointed because I just understood that I spent almost 400€ in powerbox competition ( magnetic switch option ) for no more safety than my other planes

    I am used to utilize Jeti magnetic double switch + 2 Schotty diode + 2 Life pack + direct power from batteries to servo ( + and - wires )

    As I understood, this 100€ equippement is same or even more safe ( no regulator failure risk ) than a complicated box with much more electronical device

    For double receiver function, many brand can secure it without box, no ?

    Sorry to ask, but what is real output of a powerbox ?

    Telemetry => can be done by the radio control

    Screen => this is not safety

    Double receiver => can be done by the radio control

    Regulator => this is not safety

    Frame rate change ( 10ms~21ms ) => can be done by original radio control

    Best regard

    Sorry, to

  • j'AI servos ONU qui c'est mis en surtention sur mon planeur (servos de trains rentrant)et bien je peu vous dire que le court circuit est remonté dans les deux câbles d'alimentation des satellites donc ou est l'interet de votre power box champion srs

    pourquoi ne pas mettre un fusible rearmable par voies au moins un servos qui brule ne brulera pas tout le reste

  • Hello Fox 02100,

    I think there are some more points to look at:

    1. Power Box like for example Mercury can monitor your dual receiver situation ( Fades, Hold and Failsafe)

    Of corse it depands on your RC System but not all RC TX Receiver combination can provide this information. Clearly a security feature

    2. Servo matching. A security and opperation feature

    3. Integrated gyro system with adaptive gain control via speed data.

    In order to avoid any concerns. I`m not sponsered by PowerBox Systems. I buy products from wich I`m convinced and wich will fit to my needs.



  • Hello dbubled,

    I try to reply with objectivity

    « 1. Power Box like for example Mercury can monitor your dual receiver situation ( Fades, Hold and Failsafe)

    Of corse it depands on your RC System but not all RC TX Receiver combination can provide this information. Clearly a security feature »

    I think that now, all good radio brand can manage this double receiver ?

    As you said, monitoring is not security because I don’t want to know that I lost the signal or that a servo failed

    I only want to escape signal lost or prevent servo failure by fuse :)

    « 2. Servo matching. A security and opperation feature »

    We are now in 2018, all radio can do it

    With 12 channels or more

    « 3. Integrated gyro system with adaptive gain control via speed data. »

    I don’t want gyro, I only want safety in my radio installation :)

    But OK, I can accept this answer ;)

  • Hello,

    you can try to short out an output at your schottky diode solution - it won´t work. All other servos will stop working! You need to handle up to 30-40A. A PowerBox can do that. I made a detailed explanation why you cannot fuse outputs - if you are not happy with that explanation I can´t bring other arguments - it´s just physics!

    If someone is selling fused outputs - he can do that - but this will not bring any safety - it´s just a stupid selling argument for non electronics people! Contrary this solution will take you safety as this (Poly-) fuses are not very reliable over time!!

  • If you look at the picture and see all this burnt wires melting together - what do you expect how to handle this? No battery or energy source can handle such a brutal short circuit!

    The PowerBox- I´m sure is still in a good working condition! Your problem was just weak batteries. If you would have used telemetry you would have received a voltage or current warning and you would have had enough time for a landing! Don´t blame PowerBox for that.

    Pulling out a perfect working PowerBox in order to make it easier is a very stupid idea!

  • Richard,

    Because you cannot understand French, you didn’t understood that Marco had time to land in emergency condition thanks to telemetry with half of remaining control

    Very lucky !!!

    Unfortunately, I think Marco expected same servo protection than me

    It is our big fault, we didn’t read notice in detail

    You explained that this protection is impossible

    As I understood, Marco want to believe in selling argument of other device ( fuse on each channel )

    From my side, I will simplify my installation ( remove electronical failure risk of power supply )

    But please don’t misunderstand, we never said that powerbox is a bad product

    We just said that they don’t match with what we expected

    Thanks again for your help and see you again with powerbow when I will need

  • je ne me permets pas de denigrer power box

    c'est vous qui avez ecrit que les fournisseurs de box avec fusible etaient stupide ??

    vous avez donc denigré (pas moi)

    ce n'est pas la faute de power box que mon cablage est brulé on dit simplement que les voies en cas de surtention

    ne sont pas protégées.

  • hello richar d

    I'm sorry I speak French I will try to translate with google

    I do not denigrate power box it's not the fault of the power box that my train servos went back in short circuit

    but we did not know that the tracks did not have

    fuse in case of overflow

    I said that the box jeti had a fuse by channels (I do not know

    not if it's good or not)

    on the other hand you said they were stupid is that it would not hold in time (it's you who denigrate me)

    I sent my box home with the party of burning wiring

    all I want is to recover my cabling burned with my box

    but I have trouble making myself understood in French

    I need it to know or solder the wires on the sockets

    if you could see that with them I would be grateful.

    and there will be no polemics on this forum or the others.

  • j'ai deja envoyer la power box

    elle est réparée je veux bien payer la facture mais je veux qu'ils me renvoient mes fils brulés que j'avais mis dans la boite

    avec la power box pour que je puisse reconditionner le cablage pour mon dg 1000s

    le cablage a ete fait par power box et ils voulaient le voir.

    mais je ne parle que francais et je pense qu'ils n'ont pas compris alors moi j'attends

    voila pourquoi je suis en colere

  • Hallo,

    Habe mir eine Mercury SRS zugelegt.

    Bin auf auf diesem Gebiet Neuling.

    Habe eine Graupner MC 19 S mit Smart Box. Einen Empfänger GR 24.

    Mein Problem, der Empfänger wird im Display nicht gefunden. LT. Anweisung werden die Empfänger GR 24 und GR 16 am Ausgang 8 verbunden. Auch der Tele Ausgang der Mercury zum T-Eingang Empfänger wird nichts der gleichen erkannt .Mache ich hier einen Fehler?.