Sparkswitch as IBEC

  • I have read on posts answered by Richard Deutsch that a Sparkswich should not be used as an IBEC, is this still Powerbox's stand. I just purchased a 7.4V Sparkswitch from one of your distributors because he said that he gets the power from the receiver batteries for the Superswitch and he hasn't had a problem. While surfing the Net I found a video done by one your distributors that shows them doing this and recommending this. I am confused.

  • Hello,

    the Sparkswitch has an Optocoupler inside to seperate RX and Ignition circuit physically. This is the purpose of the switch. Once you take the RX power to the SparSwitch for the ignition, you short this seperation and the ignition and RX are connected. Static discharge or interference my come to the RX.

    Of course it will work, but we recommend to use a seperate battery.