Help With Igyro Mercury SRS

  • Hi all

    I have a Mercury SRS in my jet. And I have flown the jet 3 times but didn’t setup the gyro yet. This is my first jet so I am just little worried and have couple of questions.

    1) when I do the setup assistant does that remove all the setup I have in the airplane ? Like output mapping, servo matching and all other settings ?

    2) being my first jet and the gyro in flight setup require going full throttle and adjusting the gain! How do you guys go about flying close to 200mph and adjust your gain ? That doesn’t sound very easy thing to do !!?

    3) with the GPS II if I buy it and plug it into my mercury does this mean I do not need to do the gain adjustment during flight and just skip this rather weird way of setting up the gyro?



  • Hello,

    1. Yes- if you didn´t setup the plane as in the manual described with the setup assistant it will be difficult to get the gyro working. Some putDirect channels to Aileron/Elevator and Rudder - then the gyro cannot work on this outputs. You need the assistant then or make them manually to GY- outputs. Either will delete servomatching on this outputs.

    2. If you have a GPS you don´t have to do it a t full speed. With or without - if it is your first gyro just ask a friend to move the dial while you are controlling the plane. This helps a lot

    3. Also with GPS you have to adjust it during the flight. Why do you think the setup is weird? It´s just a gain dial for all 3 axis - can´t be easier!

  • Richard

    I have bought the GPS II and Teleconverter. How do I go about setting up the gyro with the GPS unit? Do I go through the setup assistance in the Mercury ? I assume I do that but I will not need to do the part where I adjust the gain during a test flight ? Or how do I go about the setup? As for the teleconverter I understand that I have to register it with my Futaba radio and add it to my telemetry right ?