Tailerons & vector

  • What is the recomended setup for a model flown only on tailerons and rudder along with thrust vectoring? This is a twin engine su-27

    Thinking about the gyro outputs names that gets me confused i.e gyro elevator A and B and same for aileron. Do you just use lets say aileron a for one of the tailerons and elevator a for the other? That leaves aileron b and elevator b available for TV right?

    Sofware versions not known since the Powerbox is yet to be unboxed

  • I have read the setup, it says Gyro Elevator-B for vector elevator and

    Gyro Rudder-B for vector rudder. Since i have a twin turbine can i then hook up Gyro aileron B for the other nozzle to have a true 3D thrust vectoring system?