iGyro 3e questions

  • The product is excellent but the manual is lacking information for the new user.

    Question 1. What should the colors of the five led’s lights be in heading mode and hold mode?

    Question 2. During the initial test, the aileron and the elevators movements are significant. The rudder moves very little. Is this normal?

    Question 3. When a GPS II device is connected does the iGyro ever deflect the control surfaces beyond the gain level set by the switch/slider. Can I just set the gain at -100%/+100% and let the GPS control the gain?

    Question 4. To reset the end points the manual says to press the button and switch the iGyro on. I assume this mean that the only button on the iGyro should be held down while applying power to the iGyro?

    Comment. Nowhere in the manual for the GPS II or the iGyro does it tell you to plug the GPSII into the MISC port. This should be corrected.

    These devices are not cheap and even though they are marketed as being plug and play the manual should be more informative.


  • Hello,

    1. Orange is Heading mode, green is rate mode

    2. This depends strongly on your linkage. You will see it after adjusting it in the flight. You can reduce aileron and elevator in the menu if you feel that this two are too high in comparison to the rudder.

    3. No the gyro must be adjusted with the GPS in flight. Once you found the setting this is the max gain which the gyro uses

    4. Yes

    5. Yes will keep that in mind. Thank you!