Futaba jetcat power telemetry issue

  • Hi Richard

    It was a pleasure meeting you in jetpower. Ok I purchased a jetcat v10 telemetry adapter and currently on my Eurosport I am using mercury with teleconvertor in sb7008 rx. It allworks fine. So when I attachéd both the pb and the jetcat adapter to rx 1 via a y cable and register it on my 18sz the powerbox won’t work and the slots gets allotted to jetcat. Even if I moved jetcat to slot 16 from 8. I cant seem to register the teleconvertor in slot 8 of the sensor window in 18sz radio. As I think teleconvertor needs more slots. But futaba has only 31 and after moving jetcat to slot 16. The first 16 didn’t show me the powerbox in the options of the sensor window. That means that I can only use either powerbox or jetcat telemetry at one time. Not simultaneous both.

    Or is it that I am missing a step



  • Guten Morgen Richard

    Bei der T18 SZ ist es NICHT möglich die Powerbox oder Jetcat Slots auf 1 zu setzen geht nur bei der T18 MZ...... das heisst man kann nicht beide Telemetrieblöcke miteinander nutzen.

    Genau deshalb hatte ich mich letztes Jahr an der Jetpower für die CORE entschieden.

    Futaba: Danke das wars....

    Gruss aus der Schweiz


  • Oha - vielen Dank! Dann geht ja JetCat und PowerBox niemals zusammen... das war damals aber mit Futaba so geklärt!

    Danke Marco!

    Azuz74 - Marco told me here: This is only possible with the T18MZ - the T18SZ cannot put JetCat to slot 1. He decided to the new Core which is much more flexible in telemtry things.