• Hello PowerBox team,

    I need to clarify some points regarding the FLY TEST ASSISTANT procedure and Flight Mode configuration performed during Setup Assistant:

    During Setup assistant, I have defined the FM through a 3 position switch as follows:

    - Switch UP FM1: Rate Mode

    - Switch Neutral FM2: OFF

    - Switch Down FM3: Att. Assist.

    By doing that I ensure commonality with other plane fitted with Igyro 3e with:

    - Rate Mode range 0 to +100%,

    - OFF at 0%

    - Att. Assist. range 0 to -100%

    But now, when launching Fly Test Assistant, Mercury asks to switch to FM2 and gain at 0% and then increase gain during flight.

    With my configuration FM2 is OFF so I do not activate the Gyro and Fly Test Assistant is not performed as expected.

    As I don't want to perform Setup assistant again and loose all the defined settings, what is the way to proceed to Fly Test in such configuration?

    Is it possible to fly and adjust the gain thanks to Input Mapping and Rotary knob instead of Fly Test Assistant?

    What will be the consequence if the self-calibration of the gyro sensors, and the reset of the maximum permitted control surface travels is not done through the Fly Test assistant?

    Thank you in advance for your usual support.



  • Hello,

    The difference is just the function on the switch - it´s common on gyro systems that middle position gyro is off. In larger systems like the Mercury FM1 is off.

    You can do following if you want to have FM2:off:

    Just use the testfly assistant as it is. Then go into the gyro settings menu, note the values from all axis for FM1 and FM2 and swap them.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    It is not totally clear to me. If I run test fly assistant as it is, it will be with Gyro in Off position so I will not see the effect of gain change during flight. Am I right?

    Would you please confirm that self-calibration of the gyro sensors is performed even if test fly assistant is not done and that maximum permitted control surface travels is done automatically?

    Thank you


  • Hello,

    no - the Mercury has it´s standard like this:

    FM1: OFF

    FM2: Standard (heading Aileron and Elevator)

    FM3: Heading on all surfaces.

    This is after you have flown the plane and adjusted it in the air. There is no "automatic adjustment" - this is not possible.

    After having done that, you can take the gyro values from FM2 and put it in FM1 to get the same functionality on the switch like the iGyro 3e

  • Hello,

    you can also cheat the system while using programmable mixing to have exactly what you want for each position of your switch.

    I do it for the Igyro3E, selecting for each position of one switch an offset value that corresponds exactly to the gain that the gyro sees.

    I'm not sure that my explanation is easy to understand, but I managed to have on a Igyro3E the following elements:

    position1 (top): gain 0%

    position 2 (middle): gain 25% (windy day)

    position 3 (bottom): gain 35% (standard day)

    Good flights!