Power pack 2.5x3 PRO red light flashing

  • After only a few flights the battery doesn t charge any more. The red light flash even after disconnecting and riconnecting the charger. The turbine control pannel shows 7,5 Volts which seems to indicate that only two cells are working . any suggestion ?


  • Richard, the battery was connected for two weeks. however this morning i tried to charge the battery using the 12 V charger. the red light did,nt flash but went off after one hour. i than connected back the 220 V charger and the red light flashed several times but than become solid red. after a couple of hours the light become green . i tried to disconnect and reconnect again and now it seems to be working normal.

    One question shall i disconnect the ECU during recharge ? or i can leave it connected ?

  • with the battery fully charged i started the turbine. after only one start the battery turned back to 7,5 volts and under charge the red light flash again. i think the battery is now defective right ? shall i send it back to you for repair ?


  • Hi Richard

    after i received back the battery ( 2500x3 Pro ) from Powerbox i flew it into my turbine model a few times. First time i performed succesfully three start and flights. The second time i started the turbine it aborted the auto start without apparent reason. Following start was ok. At third second start there was a low volt message. i recharged the battery using the 24 volt adpater and i flew. But after three minutes of flight the turbine shutted off. after Landing i noticed that the turbine was not powered ( did not perform the cooling down ) . I re-cycle the battery and didn t find any thing wrong with it but i lost confidence in the battery. i installed a normal lipo 2200 MA since and the turbine started properly, i din t flight the model yet because of the extensive repair but i did run the engine on ground without any other task other then the battery replacement. Qustion is am i the only person having expereinced this type of malfunction ?

    It is certainly disappointing to have spent 120 euro plus three times shipping cost for the battery repair and in the end to reverrt to a 25 euro lipo.