Igyro SRS bad initialisation

  • Hello,

    I had a trouble before one of the 5 last flights that I performed yesterday, and I'm not sure to be in the correct part of the forum.

    Here is the setup:

    - Igyro SRS with competition SRS,

    - 2 receivers futaba (6308SBT and 6303), both plugged on the box as described in your manual,

    - all savox or multiplex digi servos, on a big Pitts with 1 servo per wing and only lower wing equipped with gyro (so as to use a crow mixing on the wings).

    Here is the trouble: before the 3rd flight, while switching on the competition box, every lights are green (receivers, switch of the box), the box is OK with the correct indication of the voltage of each battery, but I don't see the usual manoeuver of all servos while switching on, all servos linked to the Igyro are NOT working (no tension inside) and all other servos (higher wing, throttle, ignition) are working correctly.

    Obviously the transmitter is ON.

    After this trouble, I switched off the box, then switched on again and everything was OK.

    I performed 2 others flights without any trouble.

    Should I be scared by this trouble, and is there any risk to fly after this trouble?

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    seems the Gyro was not initialized correctly. In order to see that failure outside this functions don´t work. Different in the air - if the Gyro sensor fails for any reason, the signal is bypassed.

    Please always check your surfaces- if it happens periodly let me know!

  • Hello Richard,

    thank you for the quick answer.

    It was the first time that I see this trouble and I always check all surfaces after switching on my models, and just before take off.