Spark Switch Pro and OS GF-30 RPM

  • Hello,

    bought Mercury SRS, with Teleconverter, SparkSwitch Pro, connected 2 Futaba receivers and 2 PowerBox batteries. Using OS MAX GT60 engine with IG-02 ignition.

    Well, my setup is described :-) and now the question.

    Because IG-02 is the same case as mentioned above, two wire only for powering ignitor. Can you please tell me what type of input is in SparkSwitch for RPM input?

    I'm thinking about using of the hall output (split using Y), and connecting to RPM pin on SparkSwitch. But I'm expecting, that will be needed some signal conversion - pulse output from hall converted to ???? input of switch.

    Maybe you can help me with definition of converter.

    Thanks in advance


  • Well, it's working properly. There is lot of cables, however I will create small junction box for input/output from hall, for input/output ignition and spark module.

    I think, that this problem was resolved :-)

    I will develop pcb with all appropriate inputs/outputs to be able mount all without mess in cables.

    Have a nice rest of weekend.

  • ok, I did tests, it's working properly. Board contains two FUT male + two FUT female plugs, two independent circuits, one for hall input/output from ignition module (hall input from engine side, output from ignition), second for input from power supply ignition, output to spark switch. Between hall and spark switch output I added (I have seen small jamming) optocoupler 4N25. Excepting optocoupler resistors and diode are SMD.

  • Hallo Richard, yes, indeed, I agree, but I wanted to have flexible, (also for not powerbox sparkswitch solutions) clear solution.

    Voila, right now got information, that china guys completed production of my PCB's, expecting 5 days for delivery, and then it will be completed.

    If anybody need this circuit, do not hesitate let me know :-)

    Have a nice day

  • Hi Richard,

    to be sure, and to have really precise measurement, could you please explain me how SparkSwitch detect signal from RPM?

    Right now I'm testing measurement, and sometimes have short discrepancies, value displayed on transmitter is jumping from right rpm to random nonsense value.

    Output from hall sensor is positive pulse, ignition logic is triggered to falling edge of signal. De facto I'm copying signal from hall sensor and passing the signal to rpm pin on the SparkSwitch.

    Instead of hall sensor I connected to SparkSwitch signal generator, pulse output, negative, duty on 5%, amplitude 5.00V. Got the same results as with real sensor. Value is unstable (signal generator output is really stable :-)). Maybe I haver to modify the signal before passing to SparkSwith, please tell me what is SparkSwitch exactly counting, pulse/negative/positive/raised edge/falling edge :-)

    Many thanks for your help

    I would like to have exact measurement it's big advantage for example in run-in phase



  • Thanks Richard. I'm done. Best, really nice results are with negative clear pulse, amplitude 5.9V, duty 90%. Signal from ignition is separated with optocoupler, then modified to pulse with mentioned characteristics and passed into SparkSwitch.

    Results are great, 10Hz = 600rpm, 20Hz = 1200rpm, 30Hz = 1800rpm, 50Hz = 3000rpm, 100Hz = 6000rpm, 150Hz = 9000rpm, absolutely no discrepancies!

    Telemetry setup: does not matter if you will use magnet or optical setup, magnet with ratio = 1, optical with blade = 1, absolutely same results, as you can see above.

    Have a great evening, I will attach photo without chassis, chassis will be simple small metal box.