Bluecom ios version not connecting with GPS 2 or Mercury SRS

  • I have recently purchased a mercury srs with gps 2 unit and a bluecom adapter for ios. I cannot get the bluecom to work with either. When I connect the bluecom to the mercury, I get the bluecom control message on the mercury display screen but I cannot access it using the app and it does not show up as a device for updates. The gps 2 unit does not show up either when I connect using the Y lead and a seperate power source. Can you help please?

  • I waited for the fast blinking green light on the GPS unit which only took a few seconds. I then tried to connect using the app but this did not work.

    The mobile device is connected to the bluecom in the bluetooth menu however I cannot access the GPS unit by "update" or "quick connect".

    It is the same with the mercury. It shows that the bluecom is connected by bluetooth to the mobile device but I cannot access it using the app.