Powerbox smoke pump

  • Hello - I recently purchased on of your Powerbox smoke pumps after having issues with a Sullivan pump - I run it to a 30cc dle motor with stock muffler - I have an atomizing nozzle attached to the muffler. I set it up on my Futaba transmitter as per your recommendations of running it at 30% controlled with an on/off gear switch. I ran it the first day without any issues and it ran great - the second day (one week later) I had to bump the pump up to 60% to get it to start pumping - I dialed it back down to 35% for the remainder of the day and it worked great. The third time out (again one week later) the pump initially worked (same drill by dialing it up to a higher percentage to start then back down) but after one flight it wouldn't pump. I checked the battery - took out the switch - tried a new battery - bumped the percentage all the way up and noting changed. No gears are turning - green light was on the entire time but pump is not pumping. I use the Robart smoke oil - please help - I love flying with smoke on this plane but am currently frustrated as I upgraded to your pump to avoid these exact issues.

  • Hello,

    all pumps get a 15 minutes break in when we produce them. I don´t know about Sullivan oil, but I assume it is ok to use. Do you have filtering between tank and pump?

    As it was running for two days I´m wondering what happened that it don´t run anymore... it´s a simple gear pump. If the gears are free it normally runs better and better.

    You can now try following: loosen the two screws for 2-3 rounds, run the pump. During running tighten the screws softly as far as you hear the pump is running harder.

    If this doesn´t solve the problem: we should check the pump