Royal SRS iGYRO with GPS boost and airspeed settings still problem at medium speeds and 'hard' stick

  • Hi Rich,

    Finally this year I managed to setup the iGyro in my Delta Wing Aviation Design Mirage 2000. Fantastic flying machine. And with the gyro it becomes really stable at take off and full speed.

    I had to set up the gyro sensitivity x 4 because during 'TESTFLY ASSISTANT' I reached 100% gain.

    I have the following set up:

    Wing type setting: Delta Wing

    With installed GPS II

    Aileron A gain normal: 55%

    Aileron A gain heading: 22%

    Airspeed factor:3


    Elevator A gain normal: 80%

    Elevator A gain heading: 40%

    Airspeed factor:3


    Perfect and great scale flight however my problems that you might be able to help me with:

    1) At full speed and slow speed the airplane is very stable but at medium speed there's oscillation only around the aileron axis. Elevator is perfect but there's oscillation around the aileron axis. only at medium speed around 170km/h. Shall I experiment with the Boost and Airspeed factor? Increase or decrease?

    2) The sticks are very 'hard', ie the airplane is slow to respond, especially around aileron axis. Any suggestion?

    Thanks a lot,