SparkSwitch PRO and multi cylinder engines

  • Hello Kjell,

    if you are a Futaba Sbus2 user there is a brand new multi cylinder temperature telemetry solution for piston engines.

    Have a look at our new StarTemp V1 8 channel temperature sensor with or without IAS speed sensor:

    I have to appologize it´s only the german web page, the english one will be updated shortly.

    StarTemp V1 is supporting all common thermocouple elements. You can have 7 head temperature and EGT for example.

    Futaba user can have a cool installation together with PowerBox Spark-Pro and the PB Teleconverter supporting different Power Boxes like Mercury etc..


    + Spark Switch-Pro installed at slot number 1-5 (regular Installation)

    + StarTemp V1 installed at slot number 7-15 (gives you IAS speed sensor and 8 temperatur channels)

    + Teleconverter installed from slot number 16 until 31

    If you have any question please feel free to ask.



    CB Elektronics

    PS: The next RC system that we will be support with the StarTemp V1 is the CORE!!!

  • Hello Kjell,

    I saw right now your post, I'm interesting about all related to SparkSwitch Pro. I know, that it is little bit late :-) maybe you resolved your problem using nice device from CB Elektronics, but for one my colleague I developed small device for MOKI 400cc radial 5 cylinder engine. This device is sending maximal temperature from all 5 sensors, and you can switch using one channel to send average temperature. Device has 7 connectors, one input (plugged into SparkSwitch Pro into temperature port), 5 connectors for each one cylinder, connected 5 temperature sensors, and one for PWM signal to switching maximal/average temperature (without using this port the default value is max). Colleague is satisfied, getting right information about the temperature and told me, that he is using mainly maximal temperature information, its important for him, and getting only one temperature info on transmitter screen makes it more readable.

    have a nice day


  • Hallo,

    I would like inform all pilots, interesting into measuring of temperature for multi-cylinder engines, using SparkSwitch Pro, now is available device, whose is available to send into SparkSwitch Pro Minimum/Maximum/Average temperature of 2/3/4/5 cylinders. Means, this device is connected using patch lead to SparkSwitch Pro Temperature sensor port, and all sensors (available together with the device, cable length 40cm) for each one cylinder are connected into device. Device is controlled by one PWM channel, 3 position switch 0-Avg, 100-Max, -100-Min temperature.

    Dimensions: 46x22mm

    Wight: 10g without sensors

    Inputs: 1xPWM, 2 up to 5 temperature sensors

    Output: 1x output to SparkSwitch Pro temperature sensor port, using two wire patch lead

    Voltage source: Rx/PWM Channel, from 3.3V up to 8.4V

    Prototype was tested with MOKI 400cc 5 cylinder engine in the flight.

    In case, if you are interesting into it, let me know, device will be available from March 2, 2019 :-)

    have a nice evening