Skymaster A-10 set up

  • Hello,

    *** I AM NOT SURE WHAT SIGNAL CONTROLLER VERSION I HAVE*** I can only see 18.5 when I start up. I assume it’s version 5.

    I need some help to configure my set up. I am having difficulty getting everything to work as I would like. Here is what I have and how I currently have it set up.

    TX is Jeti DS-16, with 2 R3 running in UDI mode, frame rate set to 10, and fail safe is disabled. TX is updated to latest firmware, RX are on UDI16 3.24 (as I found that 3.25 only allows 12ch)

    I am also using the PowerBus system for all control surfaces. So one box for the 4 tail servos, and each wing has a box for each of their servos. All tail servos on in A and all wing servos are in B on the royal.

    2 x Aileron servos

    2 x Elevator Servos

    2 x Rudder servos

    4 x Flap servos

    2 x Air brake servos

    2 x Turbine

    1 x gear servo

    1 x brake servo

    1 x canopy servo

    1 x nose wheel steering servo

    So this is how it’s set up

    CH1 - AIL #1 Input A

    CH2 - AIL #2 Input B

    CH3 - ELV #1 Input C

    CH4 - ELV #2 Input D

    CH5 - Throttle Input L/M to control both turbines

    CH6 - Rudder #1 Input E

    CH7 - Rudder #2 Input F

    CH8 - Flaps left side Input G

    CH9 - Flaps right side Input H

    CH10 - Gear input Q

    CH11 - Brakes Input P

    CH12 - Airbrake servo #1 Input I

    CH13 - Airbrake servo #2 Input J

    CH14 - Canopy Input O

    CH15 - will be gyro gain

    CH16 - Nosewheel steering Input K

    All Chanel’s are set up as Direct, I do not have anything assigned to an gyro Chanel’s at this time.

    So I am having problems trying to match and reverse the servos that need to be reversed. When I try to reverse one of the elevator servos, it seems to reverse both of them. Also if I try to reverse an elevator servo in my TX, nothing happens.

    So how would you set it up? I understand that I can have several of these on one Chanel, but then how do I match/reverse the servos as needed? Thanks.


  • Hello,

    your version 18 is up to date - the signal controller (V5) is old. But not a problem here.

    Each output has it´s own servo matching. So you have to initialize the channel, then you can reverse and match. Can´t imagine that reversing one does reversing also the other one...

    A anf B is only the two different powersources

  • Ok, so I guess it must be that I’ve made an error in my set up. At least i know that there’s nothing wrong with my equipment. Just curious, how much is the cost to update my signal controller and what would be the benifit of updating? Thanks.