Mercury with Spektrum DX-20 Twin Rafael with thrust vectoring X2... HELP :)

  • Setting up a twin engine Rafael ( DELTA ) with twin thrust vectoring. I think I understand the set-up with the exception of how do I get the two nozzles to work together, when the Mercury set-up I am looking at in the book appears to have only one output for Elevator VT and one output for Rudder VT... I need two of each...

    I also need to clarify how to set the Transmitter.. I assume normal AERO and the Mercury does the rest... But, do I set the Transmitter up as Delta, or do I set it up for one Elevator and one Aileron, one Rudder or do I set it as a DELTA ??? Confused a bit...


    Dan Massey

  • Update:

    I was able to figure out how to double up the thrust vector outputs. I assume ( I can't find ) that there is no way to adjust centering of these servo's electronically individually. I assume that you have to do your fine tuning mechanically with the linkages... Is this the case ?? Other than that, I think I have it.

    Thanks for any input !!


  • Hello,

    with the Mercury you don´t have a twin Delta option - only the Royal has it. So if you already have this Mercury, you can do following:

    1. Use the Delta mixing from the Mercury for the aileron/Elevator delta. The transmitter is only normal aileron/Elevator

    2. Use a deltamixing in the radio for the vectors and don´t use the Attitude Assist (Heading mode) for the vectors.

    Let me know if you have more questions - the delayed answer was because I have been on a little fair this weekend!