Mercury flight assist set up

  • So I am ready to run my model with the flight assist, I have the fm switch assigned and a gyro gain channel, the bit I don’t fullly understand is which mode will give me just damping on all surfaces not heading hold ? What is the sequence for test flying so I fly adjust gain just damping and save ?

  • Hello,

    Attitude assist is heading hold (PowerBox heading is only in the stick center). With the test fly assistant you fly with heading hold on aileron and elevators. Once you have finished the adjustment flight your settings are damping mode if you have selected this!

  • Sorry Richard I am still not understanding this ??

    So I want to set up the gyro just like a 3e ? In damping, but what your saying is the test fly assist only will allow heading hold ? I have only used heading hold once and did not like it as I prefer more pilot input and feedback,

    Can i go into the gyro settings and change to rate mode for each surface then run the test fly assist ? So in rate mode ? Or will it reset this one running the test fly ?

  • Let me see if I can help, if I may...

    The Mercury is ironically confusing to set up, because it is designed to be much simpler, certainly compared to the iGyro SRS and 3e. I have at least one example of each. The iGyro SRS is the most flexible and configurable but requires more careful set up and the test fly assistant is a more lengthy procedure.

    The Mercury is very simple:

    Each axis has only one gain setting for each axis 0-100% (with one or two separately adjustable outputs e.g. Ail A, Ail B) 0-100% - The gain is set manually by the sensor switch or using a gain channel in conjunction with the Test Fly Assistant.

    How this gain setting is used for Rate or Attitude Assist (Heading Hold) depends only on how you have set up the Flight Mode switch with its two choices: ON! or Attitude Assist. If you set an axis A or B to On! it operate in rate mode only, if you set an axis to Attitude Assist it operates in heading hold - actually it operates in both modes - providing instantaneous correction for un-commanded movements (e.g. wind turbulence) and making the model tend to stay in the attitude it has as the stick is centred. If there is too much 'heading gain' the aircraft un-naturally sticks to whatever position you leave it in. You can choose to set this mode if you want to of course for hovering for example.

    If you set a flight mode with the gain set to 0% for all axes A/B then the gyro is off completely.

    The Test Fly Assistant sets a single gain for all axes for both rate and heading hold. If you don't have Attitude Assist set on any of your Flight Modes then the heading hold gain is effectively ignored.

    Hope this helps

    BTW the manual section 5.5 does not match the settings in the current s/w - so this doesn't help the confusion

  • Thanks for the detailed answer, I normally run my models with a 3e and damping, so I didn’t want to introduce any odd characteristics with the head hold part, it might actually feel good, so maybe I will give it a try

  • The Heading hold is only during the testfly assistant! Once you are finished with that your gyro works in damping mode again!

    Make following: Run the testfly assistant on the ground. Simulate a plane movement. Then you see what happens. After finishing the Assistant you will see what remains!

  • Hi. One more question, I want to make sure I am doing this correct. If my FM1 is gyro off and I run the flight assistant in FM2 per instructions. Then when gain is correct I flip to FM1, do I still have the gyro working ? Or do I have to switch back Switch to FM2 which is my Attitude mode. Thanks Jeff

  • Why not test it? Powerbox recommend you trial run the test flight assistant. Set the gain in this test to 100%.

    This will let you check that the FM settings are all doing what you want.


  • Dave. I agree.

    Was trying to understand this more. Have not installed the unit yet. It’s a large install. I am swapping out a CB200 and Cortex.

    If ground simulates flight exactly then should not be an issue. Thanks

  • Hello,

    if you have done the gain adjustment in FM2 with the assistant, then you flip to FM1 (Gyro off). Once you go back to FM2 - your settings come through. So if you set FM2 without heading, you have it without heading.