connecting to my PC

  • Thanks, I downloaded the Terminal and connected the gyro and battery.
    I press the continue button from Powerbox Terminal on my PC and it says, "unable to open port"
    On the igyro I can find "connect to PC" under general settings but when I press it, it says "connect usb adapter" and it is already connected. I could not find a button to press to update. I have v16 so don't know that I need to update. Just wanted to do some settings by PC but I'm unable to connect.


  • Hello,

    v16 is the newest version. You need first to go to the menu: General Setting->PC control. Then connect USB adapter. iGyro is waiting now to get connected. After that open the terminal an press next.
    You find a step by step instruction next to the download of the Terminal.

    You cannot make setting with the PC. All settings are done in the iGyro.

  • I am now connected to the Terminal and igyro. The Terminal shows the first page where I can choose to update online or check for new software. Next to "New softwareversion" there is a "?"

    When I click on "Online Update" a small window pops up and says "Fehler bei FTP listNames" with an "OK" button. When I click okay it says "Fehler bei FTP Unterordner htdocs" and has an ok button. If I press Ok it continues giving me Fehler bei FTP listNames_2 and so on.

  • Hello,

    if you have V16- don´t update! There is no newer version!

    Your PC has no internet connection or blocks the Terminal. In this case you can select the necessary file from your C: partition.

    All this is described in the manual of the Terminal...