• The DLE 222 has been a good reliable motor for 2 + years pulling my Dalton. Recently, alter a few flights, I went to start it for another flight. I immediately noticed the motor didn't sound the same and when applying full throttle, the motor seems to lose RPMs and most of it's power. Turns out, only two of the four cylinders were firing. Only the rear ones. Checked everything, and it all seemed to me in order. OK, so I thought the carbs may be dirty, seemed logical, lots of flights and certainly can't hurt. Nope, not the issue. OK, it's got to be one of the ignition modules. One of them went bad. Replaced it, SAME THING!! Changed the pick-up, same result - Only two cylinders are firing!!!. Checked all connections, battery (LIPO) all checked out. Also changed the plugs - new NGKs.

    Could it be the PowerBox Spark Switch? Maybe the switch went bad and can't handle 4 cylinders pulling power at the same time, so there is only enough power for two? Before I frustrate myself any further, thought I would ask and get your thoughts/ideas/solutions.

    Appreciate it...... Ken

  • Hello,

    one SparkSwitch can handle 4 cylinders- this should be not the problem. Also if two are running from the same SparkSwitch, I can´t imagine that the SparkSwitch is the problem?

    You can sort it out by powering the ignition with a 4-cell battery directly...

  • Thanks for the feedback. I only use Life or 2 cell lipos, so no issues there.

    I do hear these will go bad at times. Will try to simply bypasss the switch and see what happens.