two receivers on gemini II

  • Dear,

    I had made following setup in my Piper.

    Last week (2nd flight) this plane was crashed after having a serious malfunction during flight.

    On the ground everything was working fine...

    At this moment I am trying to find out what has caused the malfunction during the flight.

    Can it be that connecting each receiver to only one output of the gemini in combination to the lower output voltage (5.9V ) that this has given a too low voltage at both receivers?

    I read in the manual, max Amp/output = 6 Amp but at output voltage = 5.9V this will only be be 4.2 Amp due to 30% loss of Power.

    Looking for your Reply



  • Hello Richard,

    Thanks for your answer.

    It is (was) a Toni Clark Piper PA18 2.8m with zenoah 62cc.

    May my way of connection be the cause of the malfunction.

    During the second flight I was testing the Flapsettings in combination wih the elevator. More power was then requested. Few seconds later the Malfunction started causing the crash.

    Do you advice another Powersytem for this kind of plane?

  • The Gemini should work in this plane, but it´s the limit for this PowerBox. Also you are driving 5-6 (I assume) big servos over only 1 JR style connector. This is the single point of failure in your setup above.

    Better would be a PowerBox Evolution