Spark switch in combination with mercury SRS

  • II have a normal spark switch connected on slot N in the mercury SRS , switch on channel 12 in my Futaba 18 Mz .

    + 100% and - 100 % on the switch , a 3 way switch . No problem the light goes on and off .

    When i connect the new spark switch pro in the same way, no light, the manual of the spark switch pro sais ready for use .

    Can you tell me what is wrong,

  • Hello Richard ,

    Thank you for the responce , the first thing i did was to set the spark switch pro for 18 MZ with the USB cable .

    I changed the light from my normal spark switch and the light goes on and off .

    now with the cable into the S bus receiver ,first i followed the procedure and I have screen as shown , the readings are Cur -F1687( voltage ) 8.3 V and Temp 16256 degree C when i put my finger on it the temperature rises.All the other indications are 0 only receiver is 7.4 V.

  • Hello Richard ,

    Again thank you for the responce , obviously i do something wrong.

    In the spark switch pro terminal I marked S bus on the telemetry system , output 5.9 volt and Bus 12 as in your screen.

    In my mercury SRS the sprark switch is in slot N and the telemetry in S bus 2 connection of the futaba receiver .

    What do you mean messed up , PWM instead of S bus 12 .?

    I followed the instructions on the screen.,on the Photo you show a no to confirm????

    The led is working and teh telemetry not.

    In my next post I will give you photo s serie from my connections an settings hopefully we can solve the problem

  • Here are my pictures ,the spark switch pro is into N,the telemetry is in S bus of the receiver ,

    Batery on and led blinking.No telemetry.

    In normal procedures you have to register the telemetry element ????

    May be you can give a wiring scedule how to connect.

    It is also possible to connect the teleconverter , for the telemetry of the basic battety of the mercury SRS.

    The manual is not clear of this .

    I have read english , German and tarnlated into Dutch ?????

  • Hello,

    you don´t have to connect the SparkSwitch PWM to the Mercury. Switching ON/OFF and the telemetry comes from the S.BUS2 output of the receiver. If you select 12 as the input channel you have to make in the transmitter a switch on output 12.

    The teleconverter needs to be connected with a Y-harness also to the S.BUS2.

    Are you sure that you connected the SparkSwitch to the correct receiver? At Futaba only one can transfer telemetry data.

  • Here the picture of chanel 12 for the switch , on the output.

    Now the Led lights constantly. I only have the S bus 1 connected with the mercury SRS and the spark switc. No telemetry no switching.

    Changed S Bus on both receivers .What do you mean with input channel , is this the setting in the terminal?

  • Changed receivers ,and dit the protocol again , tried with one receiver and the other receiver not bind for telemery , discovered the the marker in telemetry systems was on powerbox bus.

    Now it is working .,switching and telemetry.

    Thank you for your support .

    The next step is to activate the receiver lipo telemetry.

    I carefully read your instruction and have a Y cable.

    I understand you have to and i use the teleconverter connected on the telemetry slot of the mercury and connect the Y cable into the S Bus 2 together with the spark switch pro.I read the initiation protocol , what happens with settings of the telemetry as done for the spark switch .