Gemini II Switch Problem

  • Hi,

    Crashed my Extra and although the Gemini did not sustain a direct impact it was subjected to a rapid deceleration :). When next trying to power up, there is a delay in the second orange light which causes the first to go out. This results in the ability to have just one green light on at a time. When I connect just one battery, I get one green light as normal. However, if I disconnect the one that works and connect the other battery, no light is visible at the switch. If I connect both batteries then the one that works comes on and then with too long a delay the second one comes on but the first has gone out and so on. So went through the routine of connecting one battery at a time to make sure that both were in the off position and tried again but with the same result. I then made sure that both switch positions were on and disconnected the switch altogether. I then connected both batteries and the system worked as normal i.e. both batteries were delivering power and were visible at the transmitter via telemetry. It therefore appears like a switch problem so I installed a new switch but the problem remains. It appears then that there is a problem with the Gemini - perhaps a damaged pin in the switch connector? Am thinking that I should send the unit to you for service using the Service Form? If you think this is the right thing to do, should send just the unit and switch or do you need all of the cables also?

    Thanks for your help