Mercury SRS Recommended Biplane Setup

  • I am currently setting up a Biplane (Hangar 9 100cc The Beast) with a Mercury SRS. I am looking for some advice on what the recommended setup would be.

    If I run all 4 ailerons through the GY-aileron L + R functions i lose the ability to individually trim each aileron and to use some mixes in my transmitter such as Crow as the Mercury only takes the input from 2 channels (1 left + 1 Right - rather than 4 - 2 Left + 2 Right ) and sends the output to both ailerons .

    I could just run one of the wings (top or bottom) through the GY-Aileron L + R and the other wing using a direct input/output which would then give me back my mixing and trim functions via the transmitter but I would then lose gyro on one of the wings. I am not experienced with Biplanes (as this is my first large Biplane) so I'm not sure what the overall effect of using this option would be.

    I'm interested in any advice as to what would be the best approach or any other Pro's and Cons to the 2 possible setups?

    Thanks in advance :)