DMSS receiver not linking to Competition SRS

  • I have a JR XG11, DFA R8A and ER031. Unconnected to the SRS the receiver lights and binds as normal. Connected, the receiver has faint flickering lights and no lights on the satellite, nor will it bind. The box TX/RX setting is JR X-bus. What should I be checking?

  • Sorry, I don't understand what you are asking. It maybe a bad receiver. I haven't been able to get it to work with other Xbus systems. Standalone it works fine being able to control servos ports 1 thru 7. Plug into the Xbus port and the issues begin. It was new. I will have to get another to try.

  • I mean if the Poweroutputs from the PowerBox to the receivers are bad (maybe by short circuit) they do not offer enough power. To see if this is the problem, connect the receivers like normal to the powerbox. Additional you take a 2-pole (only + and -) wire from any powerbox output to the receiver.

    If it works then, the RX ports from the PowerBox are bad and we have to repair it.