Royal Doorsequencer and behotec electrik retract E-tract

  • Hello Richard,

    I ' am trying to program the doorsequencer of my Tomahawk Hawk ,

    The Hawk has behotec electrik gear and 5 gear doors all with servo's , 3 front doors ( 3 servo's) and 2 main doors (2 servo's).

    I used the assistant but could net get it programmed, now I try manually and I lookt at the youtube films on your site.

    My question is , what value in start position and what value in stop position must I use to get the behotec e-tract to work.

    I tested with a servo at 2000 to 1000 up-down and 1000 to 2000 down up , that works fine, but the behotec does not work with these values, and what start and stop time must I use ?

    kind regards

    Desmond Loomans