Spark Switch with Jeti - doesn't always turn off, ALWAYS turns on

  • Hey there! I've found a link to setting up the Jeti radio with a spark switch, but the link didn't work, so hopefully you can point me in the right direction.

    My spark switch always turns on...but probably one out of every 4 times, it doesn't turn off when flicking the switch. It will eventually turn off, but sometimes it takes two flicks to get it to shut off. Most of the time, it turns right off.

    I'm thinking it might be the fact the the JETI radios 0% is 1500us and not 1520ish or 1510ish like a lot of other radios. EPAs are set to 0 and +100%. I saw a post saying to try +70% instead.

    Can you tell us exactly what pulse width ranges the Spark Switch is looking for? me with the setup for the Jeti system.



  • Hello,

    The SparkSwitch has switching values for:

    Normal switching Mode: 1800µs to 2200µs

    Safety Mode: 800µs to 2200µs

    The center is from 1400 to 1600µs

    I assume you are swtiching from -100 to +100%. This must be from 0% to +100% or -100% to 0%