Wont accept my Mode switch

  • I'm using the DX 18 with a 12 channel Rx using DSMX

    The iGyro is in auto set up and asks that a move my flight mode switch. I move my flight mode switch and it does not recognize it. It does recognize 3 other switches but not the one I have set up as a flight mode switch though I don't currently fly with flight modes. It does recognize my retract switch, dual rates switch and flaps switch all of which I use with this model.

    The iGyro will bind two of the three satellite receivers that I have plugged in. It recognizes all three while in bind mode as all 3 satellite receivers will blink. Only the first and last satellite receivers will bind and the middle one will not. I have tried switching the receivers and also switching the wires. Everytime the outside two slots for satellite receivers will bind their receivers but not the middle one yet the middle one will always blink when the other ones do (in bind mode).

    After I've sorted this all out. On takeoff I'll want the igyro's help to hold the jet straight while taking off rolling down the runway. I'll be using a JR Matchbox so the igyro controls both the rudders and the steering of the F18. Do I want "heading hold" to be active on takeoff then turn it off once in the air?

    If I put both elevators into the Elev A port could I use the Elev B port to control the steering? I would do this to allow minor steering trim adjustments from the transmitter without affecting the rudders as they would run from the Rudder port.

    thank you

  • Hello,

    sorry for the late reply, I didn´t see this message:

    You need to assign a normal channel for the Flight mode. Look into your servo monitor, In case of Spektrum it should move from -105% to 0% to +105%
    Binding issue: use only a 2-pole wire for the power connection between iGyro and receiver
    You can use a matchbox for steering wheel and rudder, but I don´t recomend heading, as it will make the plane fighting against your aileron input then.
    Elevator output cannot be used for rudder- this depend on the internal mounting direction of the sensor.